Chapter Eleven-Messy or clean?
4:17 PM | Author: Jeff
Jack Sabian sat on the sofa, and sipped a cup of coffee, across from him sat Jay and Henry Sutherland.
“Once again I’m sorry” said Jack.
“Thank you detective”
“Please Jay, call me Jack” Sabian placed his cup on the coffee table, “This is really good coffee Henry, maybe the best I’ve ever had.”
“We all have our vices Jack, mines a good cup of Joe, I use my own mix of beans” Pops smiled.
There was a moment’s silence, which was more than a little uncomfortable. During his visit yesterday Jack had spent the best part of an hour talking to Henry Sutherland, during which he’d learned a lot about Marie-Ann Sutherland and her estranged son Jay, but he still had nothing but a hunch on his prime suspect Hank Turner, he really hoped Jay would be able to help him there and more importantly if Turner ever saw a trial, Jay could well be the prosecutions best character witness against him.
“Well, I best leave you two to talk” Henry stood and walked to the kitchen, ‘I heard all I needed to yesterday, and I’ll be damned if I leave Hank Turner to the feeble hands of the law’ he thought to himself, his will fully set in motion.

“Were was she found?” asked Jay, as soon as Pops had left the room, he had stayed awake most of the night, thinking on that one question, had Hank killed her and left her sitting in her smoking throne, to rot in the darkness with the stench of stale smoke? The vision had haunted him.
“She was found by the river” Sabian replied.
“And Hank?” asked Jay, still starkly void of emotion.
“I questioned him four days ago, not enough for an arrest yet.”
“Yet…” repeated Jay, the words hung in the air.
“Detective, I have not seen my mother or Hank in a little over six years, and I’m not sure what you want from me?” Jay stared directly into Sabians eyes; he saw honesty in those eyes, an honesty that reminded him of Pops.
“I’ll cut to the chase then, I want to get a better idea about what kind of scum Hank Turner is, find where his buttons are, to give me a better chance of bringing him down.” He returned Jays stare measuring him also, aware that Jay was measuring him, “and I will bring him down.” He added forcefully.
“And?” asked Jay, “You didn’t come all this way to just ask me about him, you could have done that over the telephone.”
“When this goes to trial, you will be the only person who can provide any testimony about how Hank treated your mother, to get a jury to convict we’ll need you to tell them about the beatings you and your mother suffered at the hands of Hank Turner.”
Sabians words hung in the air; they had hit Jay like a freight train, to testify in court meant to relive his past, which though it would be tough Jay was sure he’d survive it, but to testify in open court in front of Hank Turner, scared the hell out of him. The last time Jay had seen Hank, he was laying face down on the kitchen floor, at that time Hank Turner had constituted Jays greatest fear, Jay was unsure how he would feel if he ever faced him again. He was afraid he would crumble, be engulfed by fear. Jays mind raced, searching desperately for an answer, the question: what to do? His mouth was beginning to form the word “no” when Jay remembered the rocks in the river where Pops and he fished, he had made a vow to himself that day, and within that memory Jay Sutherland found his resolve.
“What do you want to know, Jack?” asked Jay
“Everything you can tell me Jay”
And with that, Jay slowly unfolded the details of his past, the beatings, the rapes his mother suffered, how Hank seemed to enjoy every part of it, always grinning his sadistic little grin as he dished out pain on an almost daily basis. Sabian took no notes, his memory was sharper than any pen, he listened intently to the horror of Jay’s past, wondering the whole time how the hell the kid survived it. It took Jay about twenty minutes to lay bare the horror of his past. When he had finished Jay felt as if a great weight had been lifted from him, a weight he had carried in silence his entire life, he suddenly realized, Sabian was the first person Jay had ever told his past too, Pops had never talked about it, and everyone else had been told Jay’s parents were dead.
“I’m sorry Jay” said Sabian, Jay could feel the sincerity in his voice. “You’ve been through more than anyone I have ever known, it’s a testament to your character, that you have survived such horror to become the man I see before me.”
“Thank you Jack” Jay said.
“I had best be on my way now, can I contact you if I have any further questions?” said Sabian as he stood.
“Yes, of coarse” replied Jay.
“Once again, Thank you Jay and I am truly sorry.’ Sabian held out his hand and Jay shook it.

Pops walked Sabian to his car while Jay sat alone in the living room.
“You’ve done an incredible job with that boy Mr. Sutherland.” Said Sabian as they stood by the police cruiser the sheriff had loaned him.
“Thank you; he’s come a long way.” Pops said looking back towards the house, he then turned and looked the young detective in the eyes.
“How confident are you about getting a conviction to stick on this?”
“Honestly, I’ve seen better cases get blown out of the water, but I promise you that I will do every thing I can to make it stick on this asshole, Henry, on that you have my word.”
The two men shook hands before Sabian climbed into his cruiser and headed back to town.
Pops stood by the gate watching as the cloud of dust the big cruiser kicked up settled and disappeared over the horizon.
‘You’re a good man Sabian, but Hank Turner won’t be coming to justice by your hands.’
Pops walked back to the house, took his address book from his pocket, skipped a few pages until he found the entry he was looking for, and then dialed the number.
The phone rang.
“Hello” came the voice on the other end
“Yeah, who’s this?”
“Henry Sutherland”
“Been a long time Sergeant”
“I know Jeffery’s; I need to call in a favor.”
“A pimp in New York, killed my daughter”
“His name?”
“Hank Turner”
“Messy or clean sergeant?”
“As messy as you can make it Jeffery’s.”
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On January 2, 2008 at 4:23 AM , Grilled Pizza said...

Hope we dont have to wait too long for the next chapter!

On January 2, 2008 at 4:51 AM , Adam said...

yeah I am on holiday in Australia right now so posting when i can, been a bit tied up catching up with family and friends...thanks for reading

On January 3, 2008 at 7:43 AM , Elise said...

Just caught up!

Can't wait for the next one. Have fun down under mate!



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