Chapter 13---No loose ends
7:05 AM | Author: Jeff
The phone rang and Henry Sutherland answered it.
“Hi, this is Jack Sabian, is that you Henry?”
“Yes, Jack, any word?”
“We found Hank Turners Body this morning; well at least we found what was left of it.”
“Really, can’t say I’m sorry to hear that. How’d it happen?”
“Beaten and dismembered looks like it wasn’t post mortem either.”
“Any suspects?”
“One but, we’ll never get him, few of his leads turned up that Turner was running drugs for a big time bad guy, guess he rubbed him up the wrong way, this one has got mob written all over it.”
Sabian let out a deep breath, he sounded tired.
“Sounds like you got your hands full” said Henry, “Where does this leave us in my daughter’s case?” Henry added a touch of worried concern to his voice, though he already knew what the answer would be.
“I’m afraid we’ve come to a dead end there Henry, I’m still looking but with all the crime in this city, to be honest I’ll need to put you case on the back burner.”
Henry added a little anger to his tone. “Well I understand, but I don’t want you to drop this, someone killed my daughter, I believe that someone was Turner, and to hear he’s dead, makes it all a lot easier, but there is no way to prove it, and that means there is still a doubt in my mind how ever small, it’s there.”
“I understand Henry, I’ll keep digging, maybe we’ll find something resembling proof when we go through his place, but that’s all I can promise.” Sabian sounded truly sincere and sorry, which made Henry feel more than a little guilty.
“I understand, you’ve done all you can and I really appreciate it Jack.”
“Once again, I am sorry, Henry”
“Me too Jack, but at least that bastard is dead”
“I hear that Henry, I hear that.”
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